In today's economy, many times families are financially unprepared to pay for funeral services up front, or may have limited resources to do so. More often, families are relying on life insurance benefits to pay for these services. Unfortunately, it can take several weeks or even months for the insurance underwriter to pay the claim to the beneficiary or the funeral home when taking an assignment. Premier Funeral Funding works exclusively with Funeral Homes located in Indiana and Ohio, offering the very best in funeral financing options and insurance assignments. By partnering with Premier Funeral Funding, your Funeral Home will be able to offer premium options to ease the financial burden of your families, providing them with peace of mind.

• At Need Financing Options- up to $25,000, terms to 36 months

• Simple Insurance Assignments- fully funded within 48 hours of verification

Our expert staff is dedicated to handling every detail with the loan process or insurance assignment. This will allow you more time to run your business and serve those in your care while adding a quality service to benefit not only your families but also your Funeral Home.

Your reputation is built on trust, care and personal service. Premier Funeral Funding provides you with a beneficial way to enhance your reputation for providing superior service.